Established in 1983 as one man’s dream to provide superior quality products, Mondanette Butchery has grown from strength to strength. It was the dream of a young man that committed to hard work and long hours that has built Mondanette to what it is today. Never taking his eye of the fact that people will not pay for a quality product he set about establishing himself in a niche market where only the best would ever be good enough, whether it be supplier, product or hygiene

From humble beginnings we have established ourselves as suppliers of only the best quality meat money can buy. Our focus has always been meat and just meat and we continually strive to keep in touch with our clients and their specific needs. We will never lose focus of the fact that the consumers needs changes on a daily basis and with this in mind we always explore new and exciting ideas and variations that you will not find in many other butcher shops. Our variety is second to none and will always keep expanding.

Our reputation is built on our commitment to providing only the best quality products, backed up by customer service levels that we strive to make second to none.

Whilst we never lose sight of the fact that our success is built on our role as the local family butcher, offering traditional quality meat products, we have also expanded and diversified our product range to include a vast variety of exceptional cold meat products. Ferreira’s Cold Meat products was established in 2009 and with the wealth of experience acquired over years we can honestly say that you will look long and hard to find pure products on any other shelve

 Finding a quality butcher is hard these days.  With supermarkets forcing many independent butchers out of business, you will often have to travel a long way to buy good quality meat for your table. In order to provide you the client with only the best products we have established long standing relationships with our suppliers some of them spanning back 28 years. These people share our vision and help in selecting only the best quality meat for you the consumer.